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Dec 21, 2020

This week we talk to author, Dana Fredsti. We discuss her time as a theatrical sword fighter and deadite in Army of Darkness, her books, one of her first films, Princess Warrior, and how it is to collaborate with her husband on the book, Time Shards.

You can check out Dana, here:

Dec 14, 2020

This week on the Podcast, we are joined by writer, Ben Aaronovitch. We talk his books, his comics, his time with the BBC, Cyberpunk 2077, the Mandalorian, how he just wants Apple to make a mouse with 2 buttons and much, much more.

You can find Ben here:

Dec 7, 2020

This week, Matt and Pete are joined by Fantasy Author K T Davies, wherein we talk about her books, Lord of the Rings, writing, Star Wars, the Mandalorian (minor spoilers)  and Matt gets to nerd out on some history too. 

You can find K T Here:

@KTScribbles on Twitter